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The Cupid Chronicles

The Cupid

by Dennis Copelan

BRONZE WINNER 2021 Forward INDIES Book Awards, Humor

FINALIST 2022 National Indie Excellence Awards, Romantic Comedy

FINALIST 2022 International Book Awards, Fiction: Short Story 

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Dennis Copelan’s characters often escape the bounds of their apparently ordinary lives in this compelling collection set in the bustling worlds of Heaven and Earth. The Cupid Chronicles offers nine thought-provoking, humorous, poignant stories that delve into the quirks of love and romance, and all matters of the heart, often with surprising results.

“The vivid characters, scenarios, and settings flow past with cinematic clarity, reminding readers of the masters of quirky fantasy such as Thorne Smith, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, and others. Readers looking to kick back with a lighthearted but well-written rom-com romp in the afterlife will delight in Copelan’s offering.”

 - The US Review of Books

“Expertly crafted, entertaining, and wildly imaginative, author Dennis Copelan’s The Cupid Chronicles is a must-read sci-fi and fantasy read! The thought-provoking mythos and the widely engaging cast of characters kept readers hanging off of the authors every word, and the imagery that the author captured in this highly descriptive narrative was both vibrant and fascinating to behold.”

– Hollywood Book Reviews 

The Cupid Chronicles by Dennis Copelan
Apricot Springs Publishing
Dennis Copelan grew up in Beverly Hills, California.

Dennis Copelan grew up in Beverly Hills, California. His father, Jodie Copelan, was an award-winning film editor, who inspired him with a love of the film industry and storytelling.


Dennis is the author of The Greatest Stories Never Sold, a memoir, and Welcome to Hollyweird, a collection of humorous, supernatural, and horror short stories in the Twilight Zone vein. The Cupid Chronicles is his third book.


“Copelan’s tongue-in-cheek writing and relatable characters make this read a win, and he dissects the nuances of heaven versus Earth in a thought-provoking way…By turns lighthearted and reflective, this story will delight readers open to a touch of divine comedy.” - Review from booklife

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Welcome to Hollyweird

Dennis Copelan's characters often escape the bounds of their apparently ordinary lives in this compelling collection set on the fringes of Hollywood.


Welcome To Hollyweird offers twelve thought-provoking, humorous and poignant stories that delve deeply into the quirks of human nature, often with surprising results. Sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious but always sharply observed, these tales probe our fundamental desires to connect and understand the power of love.

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The Cupid Chronicles

Heaven is a busy place, especially for social worker and angel-in-training Pixel Millet, who works in the Paradise City Department of Discipline. When he receives a red folder containing violations of The Cupid's Oath by unruly Cupid's assistant Cupid-1637, Pixel must advocate and defend him from being "flushed" to the lower regions. 


Pixel has one day to interview his client, review eight often funny and sometimes often funny and sometimes poignant romances mismanaged by Cupid-1637, and devise a defense to present before the administrative hearing. But, unfortunately for Pixel, he soon suspects someone higher up is rigging the outcome against them. And once he gets closer to the truth, it threatens to upset the foundations of heaven forever.

The Cupid Chronicles by Dennis Copelan

“The Cupid Chronicles is a superbly written novel that leaves you astonished by the twists in finding love and multiple turns in the plot.”

– Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

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